March Madness | Spring Cleaning Edition

Since there’s a whole lot of madness happening in March, and Spring is only a few days away, it’s good to clean out after a long (LONG) winter. Here are some tips:

1. Try tackling the ‘big’ things first (read: closets). In regards to your bedroom closet always follow the ‘one year’ rule: if you haven’t worn it in one year (long enough to cover all the seasons) then it needs to go. Don’t just toss it, contact your local charities (Salvation Army, Big Brother Big Sister, etc.) – most of them will pick up at your home! If you haven’t already, make closet organizers your best friend.cube-closet-organizer They make them for shoes, clothes, scarves, they go on the floor, hang on the back of doors, under beds, any where! This will make everything more accessible. Also, include storage and linen closets in this category as well. If you haven’t looked in a hall closet all year – it probably means you don’t need anything in there. Make room for stuff that you actually use that can be stored in there.

2. Now is also a good time to give your fridge and pantries a thorough cleaning to make way for upcoming BBQ food! Take everything out of the fridge and give the shelves and draws a good wipe. Get rid of anything that is expired. Same goes for in the pantry. Since you have everything out, this is a good time to organize things into ‘like’ categories for easy finds!

3. Get to things that you may have been ignoring all winter. Wash/dust curtains and blinds. Open up windows to let fresh air in and clean the sills and tracks while you’re there! Give rugs and carpets a good cleaning/shake out after being tracked with salt, dirt, and whatever else this winter. It’s (probably) safe to put away boots and winter gear, so throw those down the basement and give your mudroom or entry way a good cleaning as well.mudroom

4. Another place that has probably been collecting a lot of dirt and clutter over the winter is your car. Take an hour to give that a good clean as well. Shake out your floor mats, take out boots and shovels and scrapers, and give your car a good vacumm (before you track all the beach sand in!).

5. Spring cleaning doesn’t just mean physically cleaning. Take this time to also get “digitally” organized as well. Update software and spyware if needed. Organize documents and pictures into folders by date. Delete any files or software that you are no longer using.

Some people think of January 1 as a fresh start, but if you missed that boat, there’s still time to ‘start over’ – start with some spring cleaning!