Team Building Retreat | October 15, 2014

On October 15, 2014, Team Century 21 Celli came together for a day filled with learning and fun. The day started out our office with a training/discussion session lead by broker/owner, Craig Celli.

We had some insightful conversations about what we can do to improve as an office and as individuals in the industry accompanied by some Dunkin Donuts coffee (which I’m sure helped stimulate the conversation that early in the morning). Marketing Director, Jess Walsh, also held a session on agent safety in light of a recent tragedy in the industry where an agent was murderer while meeting a client in an empty home. The safety of our agents is always our number one priority. We introduced them to a free app called bSafe that promotes personal safety with just ‘one tap’. The app features location sharing, GPS tracking, optional sirens, video/audio recording, fake calling abilities and more. ‘Don’t put a price on your safety’. Jess also gave out 18 Must-Have On The Road Items for Realtors which included lots of hand santizers and dog treats – you’d know if you read it! It was a big hit!

Our next stop was Gaetano’s Italian Restaurant where we first enjoyed a fabulous italian lunch and marveled at their new decor, which was sponsored by Wells Fargo Mortgage (the lunch, not the decor), and then we prepared for our guest speaker, Al Getler. Not knowing what to expect, as with most motivational speakers, the group sat quietly through his introduction and beginning of his powerpoint presentation until something no one expected happened. Mr. Getler reached into his suitcase and proceeded to perform a brilliantly humorous ventriloquist act that had us all in stitches.

He somehow then gathered his thoughts enough to finish his fantastic presentation on leadership and teamwork. Although real estate agents are independent contractors on paper, our office is a ‘wolf-pack’. We have our own special talents that we give and take from each other each day. Some are better at computers, some are better at photography, some are better at the logistics of the transactions, but that is what is great about our team here is that yes, even though our agents are technically ‘competing’ against each other, we will always take the time to help each other. I think that is what really resonated about Mr. Getler’s message. Our comradery is truly what sets our office apart from others.
Last but not least we enjoyed a nice night out, sponsored by Sage Bank and Dalton & Finegold, at Rosaria’s Steakhouse in Saugus. We reflected on the great day we had together and shared some cocktails and laughs at a beautiful venue where we had own our private room and delicious food!
Many thanks to all our sponsors who made this day possible and to our speaker, Al Getler, who did a fantastic job!