Listing Photo Tip | Seasonal Photos

Contrary to popular belief homes do sell in seasons other than Spring.  In fact, since we live in lovely New England, the snow tends to be present a lot longer than not. If you are thinking of selling your home any time between now and I’d say May just to be safe, be sure that you have ‘stock’ photos of your home sans snow. This also comes in handy if you have a pool. Having photos of your pool up and running in the summer time, instead of closed and swamp-like in the winter, will be a major improvement in the eyes of potential buyers.  Winter photos also tend to come out gloomier and more depressing without the beautiful, blooming landscaping you have worked so hard on all year. So take those photos! Be proud of your home and your hard work! And ultimately safe yourself (and your realtor) from GloomyMLSphoto Syndrome. It’s awful, I hear.