Yard Sale Tips & Tricks

Now that the oppressive heat is finally gone, September/October make for a great time to de-clutter and make some extra money at a yard sale! Here are some tips & tricks to holding a successful sale:

Marketing: Making sure your sale is properly marketed is important – you want people to show up of course! Start your marketing a few days before the sale. Signage is a large part of this category. Bright, thick poster board is most withstanding when it comes to signs. Include the date time, street, and arrows pointing the people in the right direction. You can also use Craigslist, the local newspaper, and Facebook to advertise your sale – be specific with the items you have!

Scheduling: Holding your sale during an appropriate time and day is extremely important. Generally Saturday and Sundays work best from about 8AM-9AM to 3PM-4PM. Generally holiday weekends are not a good time because you might get vacationers who will love to browse but the chances of buying are slim.

Organization: Although you’re not running a department store, having some structure when it comes to placement of items is important. Keep ‘like things’ together, such as books, baby items, clothes, etc. Group clothing and shoe sizes together so it makes browsing quicker and easier.

Pricing: Place price tags on all items, you don’t want people constantly wondering the price, and you also don’t want to have to keep being interrupted to relay the prices. Be reasonable with the pricing. Use the 10% of the original price as a rule of thumb. If you’re really lost on the price, check out what they’re going for on eBay. Be open minded when it comes to price reductions – remember the purpose of the sale is to get rid of EVERYTHING, you certainly don’t want to bring it back inside with you where you’ll have to find a place for it.

Be Prepared: Go to the bank prior to the sale to ensure that you have change (you should have a lot of 1s, 5s, and 10s). Also, have a calculator handy just in case you can’t figure the change in your head. Have batteries and extension cords handy so people can test out electronic items. Putting an “ALL SALES FINAL” sign in sight will also help to ensure you won’t have any hassles later on. Shopping bags and boxes w/ newspaper for breakable items will also be needed after purchases are made!

Don’t Hover: Sure, you want the items at your sale to go, and go quickly, but you don’t want to follow people around constantly asking them if they need help and bothering them. Smile and greet people as they come, but if they need help, they will come to you. Constantly hovering will put pressure on customers and scare them off!

Offer Treats: Consider having a few baked goods (brownies or cookies) and water or juice to sell for $1. Shoppers get hungry! Especially if it’s a warmer day they will thank you for the water!

Happy Selling! :)