Packing Tips!

Now that you’ve gotten rid of the clutter after our April blog tips, you actually have to pack the stuff you ARE keeping. In honor of National Moving Month, here are some tips on packing specific items to make sure they’re protected during your big move!

Most things can be packed in standard boxes. There are plenty of places where you can grab free boxes if you start early enough! If you work in an office check in the trash room or anywhere that they’re likely getting rid of paper/supply boxes! There are also plenty of websites where people are looking to get rid of their boxes! In the ‘Free’ section of ‘For Sale’ on there are tons of posts of people trying to get boxes of their hands. Also, is similar – just type ‘boxes’ into the search and it will locate posts near you! If you’re willing to take a quick trip, grocery stores and liquor stores are also great locations for discarded boxes (just make sure they are clean!)

Some items can definitely cause more of a headache packing than others. If you’ve gotten most of your boxes for free, don’t be afraid to spend a little money on packing supplies to make sure your valuables get safely from one place to another! Investing in bubble wrap, clean paper, and other items is great, but don’t forget to utilize stuff you have to pack anyway – towels, linens, pillows, etc. These items can provide a great cushion at no cost! Be careful when you are using printed newspaper as the ink might transfer onto your items. It’s better to use clean, colorless paper to wrap with.

Plates, Glassware & Silverware: if you have a group of ceramic plates, head to the dollar store and pick up a package of foam plates to slip in between each plate. Then wrap the group of plates in clean paper or a thick towel. When packing glassware or mugs; wrap each individually in clean paper. Put extra padding around handles to prevent breaking off or chipping. Wrap silverware in cloth or silver paper to prevent it from tarnishing.

Mirrors & Paintings: Be extra cautious with these things, especially since it’s easy to crack mirrors (and no one wants 7 years of bad luck!). Never lay these items flat in a box – always lean them on their edges. They have flat boxes specifically for transporting these items, so it might be worth it to get a few! Don’t put more than one mirror in a box like this as they might hit together.

Lamps: Take lamps apart. Remove the bulb and wrap the shade and the base separately. Surround the shade with paper and pack in its own box. Shades can be placed together, but make sure you wrap them separately so they’re not rubbing together.

Statues & Figurines: Wrap small statues and figurines in bubble wrap. When wrapping, be cautious of little accessories or thin arms and legs.

Books: Make sure to put books in small, sturdy boxes. Especially if you have a lot of hard cover books, these boxes have the potential to get extremely heavy. Stand books upright on their side to protect them from getting crushed.

Electronics: Pack electronics in their original packaging if you can. When transporting desk top computers, make sure you back up your files before you unplug it just in case. Remove disks from computer drives, DVD and CD players. Also remove ink cartridges before transporting printers and fax machines.

Food: Do NOT pack perishable food items. Make sure to tape boxes and double check lids on jars! Wrap breakable jars in towels to protect them from breaking or spilling.

Mattresses: Wrap mattresses in covers or mattress bags in case of inclement weather and to keep dirt and other outside elements off of them!

Extra Tips!

–          Make sure when packing breakable items you are label each box with “FRAGILE” and “THIS SIDE UP” if needed.

–           If you find spaces in the boxes, fill them with old clothes, linens or towels to avoid movement (pack as tightly as you can!) Putting padding at the bottom of all boxes will help cushion these items as well.

–          Waste baskets make good storage for small/last minute items like alarm clocks or toiletries, but be sure to put the bucket in a safe place so it doesn’t tip over and spill it’s contents!

–          Take batteries out of toys and electronics to prevent leakage or overheating.

Check back in June for First Time Home Buyer tips!