5 Reasons Why Spring is a Good Time to Buy and Sell

Did you know Super Bowl Sunday officially marks the beginning of spring? Well, in the Real Estate world, anyway.

Spring is the time where everyone awakens from their winter stupor, finally has money back in their pocket after an expensive holiday season, and are motivated to start something new. It’s not a surprise that a fresh start for some means they are ready to finally put their house on the market and start looking for a new place to call home. Check out these five reasons why spring is the perfect time to get moving:

1.       One of the first steps after putting your home on the market is to focus on making it presentable. For some this might mean just moving some furniture, for others it might mean helping to kick start ‘spring cleaning’. There is certainly no better time to de-clutter than with the windows open for the first time after a stuffy winter! Deciding to sell might be that extra push you need to finally get rid of those old toys and outgrown clothes! For de-cluttering help and storage ideas visit our Pinterest ‘DYI Project’ Board! http://pinterest.com/century21celli/dyi-projects/

2.       An obvious reason why it’s better to buy/sell in the spring is simply because houses look more appealing in the sunlight with a nice blooming garden out front. House porch with flowersNo one likes to envision their new home covered in snow, dark and dreary, with no leaves on the beautiful oak tree in the front yard. People might be in denial that they are buying a home in New England and not on a beach in Florida. This way – if they come to see it on a nice day they can at least pretend.

3.       More traffic at open houses. Let’s face it, people don’t like to leave the comfort of their own homes on a Sunday afternoon when it’s below zer0 degrees out, ESPECIALLY during football season when it would be nearly impossible to drag your husband away from the TV. During the bitter cold days you’re certainly not getting the foot traffic that a 60 degree day may bring. There’s also always the looming threat that there could be a snow storm on the day you’ve decided to have an open house which would cause you to reschedule after you’ve already spent time marketing for that particular day!

4.       It’s easier to make repairs to your home when the weather is nicer. In real estate, the phrase ‘curb appeal’ is often thrown around. Simply put ‘curb appeal’ is exactly what it says, how people are seeing your home from the ‘curb’, their first impression of your home from the external view. As I mentioned before a garden, some potted plants, and a freshly mowed lawn automatically makes a house more esthetically pleasing. Spring is the time to finally stop putting off the little projects that have been pestering you through the winter. Fix that broken step and put a fresh coat of paint on that chipped fence, it will make all the difference!

5.       Putting your house on the market at the beginning of spring sets you up for a perfect timeline to move over the summer! The weather is most likely to cooperate with you during this time. Although it can get pretty hot during the summer in New England, it’s better to move in warmer weather than 2 feet of snow! A summer move is also ideal for those who have families where it is better not to disrupt the children during the school year – especially if you’re moving school districts; this will allow them to have a fresh start at the beginning of a brand new school year. If you’re looking for packing tips – stay tuned for March’s blog or check out our ‘Moving Checklist’.

Did this give you the push that you needed to finally make the move? Call us today if you’re looking to buy or sell! 781-438-1230.